Leadership Development

“Executives can lead a very lonely lives. Coaches allow for conversations they cannot have with superiors, peers, employees, or family”

– Coutu & Kauffmann

Great Leaders are the ones that are trained in skills necessary for leadership. 

4 ways leadership coaching can help:

  1. Organizational change. When organization goes through structural shifts, merging or acquisitions. Outside help can help to guide and adapt to the changes. Coaching can help the leader to build necessary skills needed in facing the change.
  2. Career/Promotion related skill development. Coaching can help the individual to grow within the company. Every major promotion requires different set of skills. These skills might include public speaking, conflict resolution, empathy, meeting presentations, etc.
  3. Specific skill development. Some critical skills need to be learned by leader. Lack of some leadership skills might be cost effective. These might include social skills, public speaking, working on self-image, or delegating. It’s better to work on these than create mistakes leading to disappointments and missed opportunities.
  4. Resolving Specific problem. Knowing own ‘blind spots” is very powerful. The same as understanding own dysfunctional behaviors that lead to repetitive difficulties. For example unmanaged stress can lead to bad decisions, inability to communicate, negative interactions and missed opportunities. The same as low self-esteem and confidence might lead to passive aggressive behaviors, impacting the relationships, leading to unhappiness in work place.

Leadership Development coaching:

  • Interpersonal skills (listening, assertiveness, emotional intelligence, read other people, effective communication, feedback giving and receiving, empathy, self-awareness, verbal and non-verbal communication)
  • Intrapersonal skills (self-confidence, persistence, ability to change, resilience, self-discipline, motivation, mindfulness)
  • Conflict resolution
  • Diversity at the workplace +Cultural competence
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Stress management
  • Delegation skills
  • Public speaking
  • Self-image and presentation
  • Time management
  • Strategic planning
  • Goal setting
  • Project management
  • Strategic thinking
  • Decision making
  • Dealing with difficulties

How does Leadership Coaching Help?

3 Step Formula 

Leadership Development follows 3 steps formula.

  1. Gathering information and assessments. Based on the information gathered the plan is developed with measured outcome. It is proposed, written down and approved.
  2. The process of coaching and implementation might take between 3 months-18 months depending on the specific need. Caching often requires shadowing, observation of the implementation.
  3. Evaluation and further growth. The short and long term goals are evaluated and documented. Successes are celebrated.

Leadership Coaching Process

As an executive coach with psychology background, I can bring a high level of insight to the current situation, can help individual to look at the situation from many perspectives and understand the possible emotional and mental blockages preventing from growing. I can facilitate growth and avoid, or lower the resistance. I can effectively model listening and communicating skills. As executive coach I cooperate with the leader and offer support in each step taken towards the success. Leader success is my success!

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The Benefits of Leadership Development

  • Become more Efficient
  • Develop your Team
  • Create Organizational Climate
  • Reduce time Solving Problems
  • Become Strategic
  • Adance your Career

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