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April 20-21, 2021, Yoga Face, Mokena, IL

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2-Day Workshop

How to be an outstanding therapist? Learn how to connect and effortlessly build successful relationships resulting in satisfying career. This two-day course will educate massage therapists about verbal and non-verbal communication, the power of rapport building & ways to resolve conflicts. Practitioners will get a chance to engage and practice soft skills: empathy, enthusiasm & attitude, the foundation for solid connections.
This training will cover topics of self-control, stress, constructive feedback and the role of boundaries in both private and professional life. At the end of this course therapists will be more confident, present, recognize and manage own emotions, understand emotions of others, communicate well and increase retention of the clients (emotional intelligence).
This training is designed for massage therapists, bodyworkers and other wellness professionals.
12 hours

Learning Objectives

Р  Students will demonstrate understanding of different forms of communication

  • Students will understand the role of voice and volume and apply it in conversation starting, conversation maintaining and ending
  • Students will identify types and effects of non-verbal communication and actively use them in relationship building
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to build rapport (listening skills, responding to questions, asking questions)
  • Students will understand the power of Emotional Awareness and its importance in communication
  • Students will learn techniques to express and control own emotions in constructive and conscious way
  • Students will practice receiving positive criticism and methods to give feedback¬†
  • Students will analyze techniques to deescalate the conflict
  • Students will learn and practice steps to solving problems
  • Students will understand the power of empathy and attitude in building relationships
  • Students will learn more about the happiness, wellness and energetic boundaries
  • Students will create a SMART career goals

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course students:

  • Will be able to create and keep satisfied clients by using consciously soft skills: empathy, confidence, presence
  • Will be able to recognize and manage own emotions as well as emotions of others while confidently and positively express themselves
  • Will be able to build rapport with clients (and team) by recognizing and using body language and other non-verbal and verbal cues
  • Will interview and evaluate clients with ease, create better plan of action for each client
  • Will be able to use deescalating techniques and steps to solve problems, create positive and harmonious relationships at work and home
  • Will be able to give and receive a feedback and critique without taking it personally
  • Will be able to take personal responsibility, manage time and plan personal and professional success

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