EQ Assessment

Emotional Intelligence Assessment

Emotional Intelligence assessment is based on Bar-on model, which  measures EI using valid and reliable instrument Emotional Quotient Inventory EQ-i 2.0. Test has 133 questions and takes 15-20 minutes to complete. This instrument measures five main components of EI with 15 subscales:

Self Perception – the ability to perceive and understand emotions

Self Expression– the ability to perceive and understand feelings of others and relate to them

Interpersonal -the ability to perceive and maintain relationships 

Decision Making– the ability to understand the impact of emotions in decision making process

Stress Management – the ability to cope with emotions, change, unfamiliar and unpredictable circumstances, finding inner balance, resilience

Emotional Intelligence EI is a set of emotions and social skills that work collectively and show how well we perceive and express ourselves, develop and mention social relationships, cope with challenges and use information ineffective and meaningful way. 

Multi-Health Systems

The review of empirical research theorizes on the necessity of EI skills as part of the effective leadership. Executives and Leaders with these skills are more effective in vision creating and in providing an inspiration, motivation, increasing performance of the organization (Nafukho, Muyia, Farnia, Kacirek & Lynham, 2016).  EI helps to make better decisions because of the ability to deal with their own emotions as well as emotions of others and through that build better personal and business relationships. 

  • Recruiting high performers
  • Retaining high performers
  • Teambuilding
  • Managing diversity
  • Leadership Development
  • Performance management
  • Risk management
  • Self-development
  • Change management
  • Restructuring and realignment
  • Stress management
  • Career planning
  • EQ-i 2.0- test for Leaders and Individuals (tailored Feedback)
  • EQ 360- assessment person's performance in workplace from self-perspective, direct reports, leader, peers, friends and family. It's a holistic view on individuals effectiveness. Used in Leadership Development, Individual Development, High potential identification, Team effectiveness, Success planning, Performance management, Coaching

Benefits of EQ 360:

  • Impacts business results by providing feedback to employees
  • builds effectiveness and influences organizational culture
  • great investment in Leaders, Teams, High potential individuals. 
  • Great tool for training and coaching sessions for leadership and career development

Receiving feedback might be the most important part of the understanding of Emotional Intelligence. Through active participation and conversation about each sub scale, new creative ideas emerge. 

Feedback is a necessary part of the implementation process, especially when it comes from knowledgable and well-trained professional with deep understanding of the subject and the testing instrument. There is no space for misinterpretation. The feedback process includes creation of the plan of action and opening to bigger vision focused on positive mindset and personal strengths.

Take EQ-i 2.0 Assessment Individual with Feedback $175

+Live, online videoconferencing feedback. Please contact Ania with questions, or to schedule test: 708-436-4493, or send email: ania@mindfulwaystudio.com

Take EQ 360 Assessment with Feedback $350

+Live, online videoconferencing feedback. Please contact Ania with questions, or to schedule test: 708-436-4493, or send email: ania@mindfulwaystudio.com

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