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Commit to your self-growth and invest in high quality workshops that can help you to grow your Personal Brand, strengthen your skills, book your services and expand to different streams of income.  When you take continuing education classes with Ania, you are excelling personal and business skills. With the in-person and home study option it was never easier to achieve business goals.

Who Is Continuing Education for?

These classes are dedicated for licensed massage therapists, bodyworkers, holistic and wellness practitioners and other leaders who are ready to grow their practices ethically and grow their teams.


Upcoming Classes:

2-day Workshop

How to be an outstanding therapist? Learn how to connect and effortlessly build successful relationships resulting in satisfying career. This two-day course will educate massage therapists about verbal and non-verbal communication, the power of rapport building & ways to resolve conflicts. Practitioners will get a chance to engage and practice soft skills: empathy, enthusiasm & attitude, the foundation for solid connections.
This training will cover topics of self-control, stress, constructive feedback and the role of boundaries in both private and professional life. At the end of this course therapists will be more confident, present, recognize and manage own emotions, understand emotions of others, communicate well and increase retention of the clients (emotional intelligence).
This training is designed for massage therapists, bodyworkers and other wellness professionals.

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1-day Workshop

What does a Personal Brand have to do with your business growth? Everything! In this workshop you will get a chance to learn more about yourself and create a Personal Brand which sets you apart from your competition. You will discover the power of verbal and non-verbal communication, color psychology and the value of unique client experience. Step by step you will discover your special qualities, choose your niche and form clear and consistent communication with your clients. This online workshop is easily absorbable, has videos and many visuals for effortless flow that will keep you motivated. At the end you will receive a social media posting map, examples of branded intake forms, list of resources.
This training is designed for massage therapists, bodyworkers and other wellness professionals.
Each participant will receive 6CE hours

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