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The Essential Thread


Personal Development through self-help book Essential Thread

The Essential Thread is based on deep processes that inspire others to reflect on own live and take steps to enter the happy and sacred life.

I’m inviting you to read The Essential Thread, get inspired to practice accepting and looking forward to any change that is on the horizon, even though it triggers insecurity, or fear.

This book is filled with essential information about the psychological matter to consider, it extends to the energy work understanding of the topic. It also contains my personal stories, practical exercises, journal prompts and ways to integrate knowledge into life. 

Ania Haas

/ Author

Experience First Pages

The essential Thread guide to transforma life bookmark

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.”

– Carl Jung

Objective: To gain perspective on the Feminine Self-Worth.

Key Topics:

  • The Essence of Self-Worth: We will discuss and learn more about the concept of self-worth in connection to the feminine essence. Then, we will explore the importance of self-worth and take a short assessment to determine how much we value ourselves.
  • Self-Worth, Self-Esteem, and Self-Confidence: We will differentiate between the concepts of self-worth, self-esteem, and self-confidence and explore the aspects of self-worth.
  • How Society Impacts Women’s Self-Worth and Stereotypes: We will explore how society views women’s self-worth and how stereotypes create a perception of the “good woman.”
  • Feminine and Masculine Energy Traits: We will analyze the feminine and masculine energy and discuss how the two energies impact self-worth.

Personal Experiences and Self-Worth

Life is filled with all different kinds of experiences. Each of them is uniquely colored by our emotions and thoughts. Our emotions are pathways through which we create our own conclusions about ourselves and the world that we live in. Our emotions connect experiences with our core beliefs, influencing our perception and attracting more of what we believe in. We live in the so-called multiverse that presents itself right here, in front of us. Simultaneously, we experience the outside world, nature, other people, but each of us lives in our own personal world inside of our heads, surrounded by our thoughts, emotions, and memories.

Moreover, the multiverse shows itself on different levels of experiences. Some people live on the level of richness that is hard to imagine, while others look for food in the garbage can. All is happening right here and now. All experiences, whether joyful or challenging, leave indelible marks on our psyche, impacting our sense of self-worth, building and deepening our own perception and comprehension of our reality.

Understanding the Need for Validation

Let’s explore the concept of self-validation and its profound impact on our lives. Validation is the recognition and acceptance of one’s own thoughts, feelings, and identity. It is a fundamental human need, central to our emotional health and well-being. Through the process of validation, based on the feedback that we receive, we learn about ourselves and the world.

How would we know if we are far off the norms in our life experiences? We evaluate ourselves by looking and comparing with our peers. It helps us in building a self-concept as well as where we stand in relation to others. The roots of searching for self-validation are attributed to different psychological theories and therapeutic approaches, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and humanistic psychology. The founder of humanistic psychology, Carl Rogers, pointed out the crucial aspect of self-acceptance and validation necessary for personal growth and life fulfillment. In the search for validation, we often find ourselves at a crossroads between seeking approval from the world around us and drawing it from within. This search can shape the contours of our lives, influencing our decisions, our relationships, and, most importantly, our self-worth

The Essential Thread (A Guide to Transform Life with the Power of Self-Worth)

The Essential Thread is a powerful guide how to re-discover own power through the power of self-worth.

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Read Reviews by My Readers

Ania writes in easy language to understand the psychological theories. I appreciate the style that she is using, I feel like she is my friend that supports me.

Silvia K


This Book opens up to more possibilities. I didn't know that I can influence my life by tuning into myself more precisely.

Elaine R.

/ Reader

This Book should be in all libraries. I hope Ania creates many speaking engagements about the topics she writes. I enjoyed the chapter with Emotional Intelligence, we need more of it, especially for our future generations.

Jen S.

/ Reader

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Personal Development through self-help book Essential Thread