Find Work-Home Balance

Find Work-Home Balance

“Your hand opens and closes, opens and closes. If it were always a fist or always stretched open, you would be paralysed. Your deepest presence is in every small contracting and expanding, the two as beautifully balanced and coordinated as birds’ wings.”
― Jelaluddin Rumi 

A lack balance between work and home, between pleasure and responsibility can create lots of stress and lead to the feeling of burnout. 

Signs of Imbalance

You stopped caring for your body. 

You keep forgetting that your body needs rest and you keep going by forcing yourself to stay alert, to finish the project, the conversation and the next movie on the Netflix because it’s so hard to fall asleep.  You actually forgot when the last time was you has a nice and long sleep, it feels choppy and most of the times you feel restless. You also don’t eat the way you should. You use the coffee in the morning to give you energy, you eat the fast and convenient food, because you are hungry. You don’t have time to exercise because when you get finally home, there is not enough of time. 

You feel mentally exhausted.

It shows as irritability, impulsiveness, overreaction. You have hard time controlling your frustration and you make others responsible for the way you feel, although deep down you feel that it’s not right.

No “ME” time.

You find less time and less pleasure from giving yourself time. In fact, all this “giving self” time seems to be bogus and overrated. It’s not giving you anything. You just wish to have things done, so you keep pushing and going for your goals. 


You love them all but they can wait. You do all of this for the partner, for kids, for great life, for house, for car, for other luxuries. To pay your bills and feel the FREEDOM. No time to have meal together, to listen to the school story, to hug your partner to walk with the dog, to clean the table after the food was served. You are on your agenda and it’s pretty tight! You expect a bigger dose of understanding. 

Hard to Focus

Lately, the same as always, you wake up and want to get into your business but something changes, your thoughts wander, you can’t keep concentrated, you are spacing out. You are noticing it more and more throughout the day. You even think, am I getting older? What’s going on?

It never ends

You start feeling that no matter how much effort you put and how long you work, your projects, your responsibilities need more of your Time and attention. It’s never ending, it pulls you away from everything that you loved to do, and you are under impression that you have to give up pleasures for accomplishing your demanding job. Uff.

You try to be Perfect

Well, on one hand everything that comes through your hands must be of the certain quality (the highest quality as a matter of fact) anything less than that is pushed away on the back of the burner – and it burns! Especially when the due dates are close- you feel enormous pressure of delivering work.

How Executive Coaching Can Help?

Improved health, well-being & happiness

By bringing awareness to your situation and applying easy and basic techniques you will feel an instant relief. These techniques will help you to only to control the impulsive behaviors but also they will help you to relax your ming and get relaxed. 

You will slowly learn what’s the best for you, what are your boundaries and start recognizing when you drop them, because soon after you will experience anxiety. 

That will lead you to master your own inner and outer layer of energetic protection and through that you will find trie sense of health and well-being. 

Higher Productivity

Because your boundaries are protecting your energy fired, you are no longer singing with other and losing your precious energy, instead, you can use it for creating content, building relationships and achieving your goals. 


Gain Time and Increase Presence

Through Executive coaching you will learn how to be more present for others and listen to their needs. This is a very crucial part of your sides as executive, to be able to digest and synthesize the needs and wants of the clients, team members, employees. Learn this skill and use in building relationships and collaborating. Know that everything is interconnected.

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The Benefits of Finding Home/Work Balance

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