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Coaching is a safe place to have a difficult conversations

Great Leader creates a work community equiped to adjust to quick and unpredictable changes. They build the team by coaching each individual to understand the role and responsibilities which come with the position. Each member of the team feels empowered, motivated and happy to be part of the team within the organization.  

Great leader understands that the Root of the Success starts within them. They understand that everything within organization is connected and runs in the same way as the leader’s state of awarenes.

Coach on the executive level might be connected to becoming a neutral sounding board, listening, helping to see the executive other perspectives, facilitate personal improvements and achieving specific goals. Many times executive needs outside and unbiased trustworthy person to listen and reflect on subjects, bounce off ideas etc. Coach on executive level becomes a partner that inspire and motivates the executive. 

How does Executive Coaching Help?

3 Step Formula 

Leadership Development follows 3 steps formula.

First, it creates clarity about goal through the vision. By conversation with executive coach, leader narrows down and focusses on specific goal.

Second, it creates awareness of the Mindset where the leader is and where he wants to be. Through different assessments tools, executive coach helps the leader to become aware of the skills that could help to accelerate the growth as well as the resources already available for the leader right now to use. 

Third, creating a plan and execution (strategy). Leadership coach partners up with the leaders to create plan of action, set up the time frame for achieving specific goals and start together to work towards achieving of those goals.

Leadership Development works because it helps the leaders to look pass the problem and focus on solution.
Ania Haas is an intuitive Leadership Coach trained extensively in executive coaching.

Executive Coaching Process

As an executive coach with psychology background, I can bring a high level of insight to the current situation, can help individual to look at the situation from many perspectives and understand the possible emotional and mental blockages preventing from growing. I can facilitate growth and avoid, or lower the resistance. I can effectively model listening and communicating skills. As executive coach I cooperate with the leader and offer support in each step taken towards the success. Leader success is my success!

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The Benefits of Executive Coaching

  • Become more Efficient
  • Develop your Team
  • Create Organizational Climate
  • Reduce time Solving Problems
  • Become Strategic
  • Be Who Your Business needs you to Be

Executive Coaching

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