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I value your thoughts and insights! Share your honest reviews of my books, whether it's personal development, interpersonal abilities or soft skills development, self-help guides, puzzles, or journals. Your feedback helps fellow readers discover the right books for their needs and passions. Whether you loved them or found areas for improvement, your voice matters. Thank you for being part of our vibrant reading community and helping others make informed choices!

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The Essential Thread (A Guide to Transform Life with the Power of Self-Worth)

The Essential Thread is a powerful guide how to re-discover own power through the power of self-worth.

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Personal Development through self-help book Essential Thread


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I enjoy reading Ania's books. I purchased both: The Essential Thread and the Mindfulness Seeker word search book. I love word searches. As she said, easy and mindful activity for the brain.

Manfred D.


I like how simple the books are. Easy reading, straight to the point.

Ariana B.


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