Hypnotherapy + QHHT

Our thoughts and actions have consequences, all the more reason to be loving and compassionate and not be fearful or harmful. They create our destiny and future.
– Brian L.Weiss

Hypnotherapy and past life regression are natural and easy ways to connect to your body, to your higher self and speak to your soul. 

What is Hypnotherapy

The state of hypnosis is a natural state of the brain. It’s a state of relaxation where at each moment you feel connected to your body and in charge.  


could be also called guided hypnosis, it is a deeply explored and explained form of guided progressive relaxation, which creates spaciousness for busy mind and leads to heightened state of consciousness which is beyond the vail of the mind. 

The purpose of inducing deeper state of relaxation is to pass through the vail of conscious mind and speak directly to the higher self. Work together and shift old mental programs, stuck states by introducing new, not limiting ideas to live by. 

Hypnosis offers very positive and loving experience of the self. 

Past Life Regression

Theta state (healing state of consciousness) allows to journey back in time, to the best and most important and appropriate time frame, or life experience in order to grasp the information the higher self has for us. Since the higher self knows us the most it will bring up the memory of the lifetime, or a glipse of something from the past, with a deeper understanding of what is needing attention right now. Only where there is an awareness, it can trigger healing, or change. Click on the picture below to watch about Past Life Regression and QHHT taught me by Dolores Cannon.

It’s important to know that Hypnotherapy induces natural state of the mind. Every day our brain goes into different states:

Beta Waves: 13-30 Hz – active brain, when you read this, when you focus on your work, thinking 

Alpha Waves: 8-13 Hz -relaxed brain, daydreaming, when you watch tv, when you drive, when you drift off during the day, when you listen to the radio. It’s also needed every time you need to dig in and remember things from the past. All memories are retrieved through alpha state. This Light Trance is used in Meditation and Light suggestive Hypnotherapy.

Theta Waves: 4-8 Hz – deep state of relaxation. This state occurs twice a day, when you go to sleep and when you wake up. This is this state “in between” when you are no longer aware and not sleeping yet. This state is the most healing state. This state is used to trigger deep suggestions, it’s also used in past life regression and QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique). 

Delta Waves: up to 4 Hz – Slow wave. Your normal sleeping time

How Hypnotherapy Can Help?

Build Awareness 

By bringing awareness to your situation and applying easy and basic techniques you will feel an instant relief and sense of being in control of your reactions. 

You will learn what’s the best for you, best for your life and for your own success. You will be able to create goals and new habits much easier because it will be aligned with your soul and without any obstacles. 


Higher Focus + Clear Energy

Because of the letting go of anything that no longer serves you and releasing energetic obstacles during the hypnosis/Past Life Regression you created clear and easy path to focus on. From now on, it will be much easier to focus on the goals you want to accomplish instead of thinking and being pulled away from the things you want. 

  • Strengthen ability to solve problems
  • Strengthen ability delay reaction
  • Focus on the Goals
  • Gain better understanding of others
  • Build better Relationships
  • Stay focused and organized

Benefits of Hypnotherapy & QHHT

Answers to life questions
Career transition and advancement
Connection with the higher self
Development in your chosen area
Direction, choice and clarity
Fears and panic attacks
Future Progression and choices
Metaphysical answers
Opening the heart and intuition
Spiritual Development
Trauma and abuse
Attachments, Entities and Technologies

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About Past Life Regression & QHHT®?


Dolores Cannon’s method of hypnosis, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠ (QHHT®), developed over 45 years ago, involves inducing an individual into the Somnambulistic (Theta Brain Wave) state of trance through visualization. It is a deep, relaxing state during which the mind calms down and allows to bypass its barrier to reach into the space within that carry important information about us. During the session connection to the Subconscious (called also Oversoul or Higher Self) is made. This part of us holds infinite knowledge, it is a source of unconditional love, pure wisdom, guidance and healing. This part of ourselves, is always present within us. The Higher Self selects the Past Life to be shown which is relevant to the current Life. The Life chosen carries information that is important to look at in this present life, it also helps in releasing past traumas and emotional blockages. Clients say they feel lighter, more expansive and have a clearer understanding of themselves. They also come into better alignment for problem solving and moving forward.They often find self-healing, answers to our current issues/problems and steps to take to create a shift in the current life. 

Structure of the session

Initial Interview (30min -1 hour)

We will take time, sit and relax together, holding conversation about you, your life, important details about your past, your experiences in life, about your uniqueness and reasons for Hypnosis.

I will ask you questions and I will answer all of your questions and explain the process in detail before we get into the Hypnosis. 

Actual Session (1-1.5 hours)

You will be taken back to 1-3 past lives that your subconscious picks for you to see that address the issues you are experiencing in this life. Then we bring forth your Subconscious and we will ask as many questions as you wished to get answers for. 

Post Hypnotic Discussion (15-30min)

We will take time after to talk about your experience, about important steps to take in current life, ways to stick with the incredible knowledge that you gained.  

What to expect during QHHT® session?



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