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Leadership Styles


Leadership is an endless subject of interest, it’s connected to individuals who have an internal urge to fulfill some kind of mission based on vision they hold. Leaders don’t work on their own, they work, collaborate and build relationships with others to get closer to the goals.

High quality leadership is extremely rare.

During the Leadership mastermind group meetings we will learn and discuss various leadership styles, including Autocratic, Charismatic, Situational, Servant Leadership and Evolved Leadership Style.

We will go over of the developmental stages of the leaders and learn about toxic leadership.

About Leadership Styles

Leadership has ancient roots, it was already known and explained by Plato, Socrates, Old and New Testament and present throughout our history up to today.

Leadership is a field which is alive and keeps evolving as the world, workplaces and different needs of human change. What worked years ago, might no longer fit and work well right now.

In order to become a New Worlds leaders, executives, entrepreneurs and everyone interested need to understand how the leadership developed and in which direction it is going.

There are many styles that leader might use and these styles can intertwine with each other, leaders of the future need to learn to be tuned in and shift between the styles depending on with whom they work.

Addressing Evolved Leadership

Expert In This Case:

Ania Haas

Leadership Development

Expert said: In order to become a true leader one must understand the levels of development and different leadership styles. Utilize Emotional Intelligence, Awakeness and Mindfulness and learn how to be Evolved Leader.

Benefits of Evolved Leadership

-ability to be present

-undersanding the laws of the Universe

-energetic blockages

-intuition and strong inner voice

-quantum field of experience/infinite possibilities

-being over doing

-Ethics and morals

-role of vision in life and business

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