Emotional Intelligence

During the Leadership Mastermind Group meetings we will work actively on 5 components of Emotional Intelligence: Self-perception, Self-Expression, Interpersonal, Decision making and Stress Management. High Emotional Intelligence is a foundation for success for Leaders of the New World.


Leaders take responsibilities on their shoulders and make decisions at all times. Being able to take the risk and make decisions goes along with the need for clear mind and ability to be in tuned in with higher intelligence.

Leadership Styles

Leadership is an endless subject of interest, it’s connected to individuals who have an internal urge to fulfill some kind of mission based on vision they hold. Leaders don’t work on their own, they work, collaborate and build relationships with others to get closer to the goals.


Branding is the representation of the vision of the business. It contains a logo and strong message about the belief system of the organization. It shows up with the way the organization shows up to the world, the way employees speak, hold themselves.

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