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How would you know if your products/services bring expected or beyond expected satisfaction of your clients? You wouldn’t know without asking them. If you are not using this information to building your brand and strategy beyond your brand, now is the time to do so.

Many years ago, I worked on promotions as a brand ambassador. My job was not to look pretty but I was hired to present the products, speak about qualities, functionality, and give the customer specific experiences. One of reasons behind was to build a brand recognition, warming up the clients to the brand and products/services offered. The main behind the back reason was to create trust for the brand, so the potential clients would purchase the product with ease and know that it solves the problem.

Your brand is the reason why your clients come and use the services and purchase the products you offer. They believe that the services and products will do what they promise (reliability).  How would you know that your clients are satisfied? You need to be able to measure it. One way to measure is the amount of sales that you have in your space, however, there are other measurements that can give you in depth information which you could help you to increase the performance of your center.

The only way to find out more is to ask. Surveys, questionnaires, quizzes all can give you a crucial feedback.

ania haas

Depending on your organizational goals you might want to know more about:

  1. Overall Customer Satisfaction. Questions about products, services, location could give a great amount of information on how the customer experiences the quality you offer, reliability and how your products/ services fulfill the customer needs.
  2. Brand Loyalty. How the customer does perceives your brand? Was your customer impressed enough to give recommendations to friends and family? Was the clients raving about your place, therapist after the session? Would the customer want to come back to check other services, or repurchase the product?
  3. Emotions Affected. What was so unique about the experience that your customer felt positively affected by it? Did you provide ambiance, temperature, music, visual, or maybe the whole process that made the customer feel relaxed/energized/taken care of?

Based on feedback received, you might want to sit with your team and discuss the necessary changes and implementation of improvements. Everyone in your team must be aligned. Go back to the Vision of the brand, make the vision to be visible in each point of contact with your client. Create a strategy around the customer satisfaction. Make this your priority. When a happy client refers you – dance in gratitude, that’s a new client that already trusts your brand. Build on the highest quality and grow your brand.

Written by: Ania Haas

If you are interested to hear more about the topic, listen to the Podcast #8 , link is here, where I speak about the superior customer service.

Ania Haas Podcast

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