Through Women's Group, I found myself more grounded and less dependent on the outside world. I have more of the control over my life. Ania, as a coach and facilitator has a lot of inner peace and practical, infused through her life experiences knowledge base. Everyone feels very good with Ania. Her curiosity and questions that she asks help to find deeply rooted answers within yourself. You become sharper and stronger through her workshops and gatherings. What I would say to everyone interested in taking classes with Ania? That we all need support, empathy, understanding, ability to speak what's hidden deeply on the soul level. Being close and share space with other women feels very empowering. We all learn together. In the community, through sharing, you never feel left out, alone with the problems. There is always a solution to all problems.

Kasia Sz.

Conscious Community Magazine Publisher

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Vladimir Nabokov

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