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Through Mindset and Skills that will help you achieve your goals

Are you Ready to Achieve your Goals?

Remember. Your Success Starts with YOU. I can help you to clarify your Vision, Shift Mindset and Improve Skills necessary for your Success. Call me: 708 436 4493

  • Successful Mindset (releasing old patterns, activating new ways of thinking)
  • Personal Skills (self-development, goals, organization)
  • Creative Thinking Skills (Mindfulness, Creative Process, Mindset)
  • Communication Skills (Listening, Verbal & Nonverbal, Visual Presence) 
  • Emotional Intelligence/Interpersonal Skills ( Confidence, Self-Esteem, Integrity)
  • Leadership Skills (Leading People, Leadership Style)

Strategic Thinking Skills (Business, Marketing, Multiple Streams of Income, Personal Branding)

EQ-i 2.0 Emotional Intelligence Assessment

Arsenal Stress Assessment

Essential Skills to Build a Rewarding Career

Create a Blooming Holistic Practice through Personal Brand


I am a Board Certified Executive Coach with business & psychology degree plus Body/Mind expertise (15+ years). I focus on working with New Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses Owners and Corporate Leaders. I can help new leaders to accelerate the GROWTH within the organization. I can facilitate the gain of necessary skills and remove blocks to help you in achieving higher levels of SUCCESS. Evolve to the next level through Awareness, Accountability and Conscious Action. Build your Ultimate Presence aligned with your Vision.


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Don Massat

Healing Center Director

"Ania helped to manage Beyond Wellness Healing Center, assisted in running and teaching for Sacred Journey Institute located in Tinley Park, IL. She has a great understanding for the healing, health and spa industry, she knows how to manage and connect with employees. She is dependable, mindful and inspirational leader. With using her creativity, she was able to to fill the voids and helped in improving the vision of the organization"

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Jen Mitchel

Divorce Lawyer/ Mediator at Solace Divorce

Thank you so much for sharing your beauty, grace and gifts with us today. The energy you created during the shoot is going to catapult Solace into greatness!"

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long distance healing

Michael D. Egan

Doctor of Dentistry

"I see Ania for Hypnotherapy sessions. It changed me as a leader, entrepreneur and it added value to my business. Thank you Ania"

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